“Okay, what the heck are all these posts?”

Following this post, you’ll find five posts, mostly made up of random, dated (in many senses of the word) thoughts. So what the heck is all this?

Well, when I started my website back in 1990-something, one of the pages on it was called “Thoughts.” Basically, at its heart, the page was more or less a proto-blog – occasionally, a proto-twitter – back before such things really existed. I updated it – some years more, some years less, some years real less – until…

…flash forward a bit more than a decade. Now I’ve actually started a real blog, on WordPress and everything. And it seems a bit pointless to have a page called “Thoughts” which is – as stated – just a hard way to do what I’m now doing the easy way on that blog. So in 2008, I put a link to the blog at the top of the “Thoughts” page and went “there! If people want to read my thoughts they can just follow the link!”

Another flash of forward, this time to 2015.

I start up (a long and currently unfinished process…which no definite endpoint) another of my every few years redesigns of my website. One of the things I take a look at is the “Thoughts” page and its link to here and I go “this is silly. There’s not all that much on the page, why not just repost them to the blog and make the link to “Thoughts” just be a link to the blog?”

So I am.

In a perfect world, I’d of reposted all these things backdated, so that so much old stuff didn’t end up at the top of the blog – especially since for some of it, I’d like to talk to my younger self about. But the world…and WordPress…is far from perfect and I have no real way to change the dates.

So I just broke it up into five posts – pre-1996, 1996, 1997, 9/11, and the Naughts – since that seemed to be the most logical way to do it, then left the original posting dates in the new post, so folks could see just how out of date it all really was (and wonder what happened, thought-wise, from 1998 to 2001).

And, yeah, it’s been a bit since I last posted here – five years of a bit – but I’m more or less back. Let’s see if it lasts…

So read or don’t read – it’s basically just me making sure this stuff is “archived” properly in my history…


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