A new low in car alarms…and, yes, I’m still writing this blog…

Yeah, okay, so it’s been a bit…Call it taking a month off. Or just call it being lazy.
Anywho…It’s hard to believe, but someone’s actually found a way to make car alarms more annoying than they already were…by making them not sound like car alarms at all! Back in December, I heard what sounded like someone randomly beeping their horn, really impatient for a person to come outside or something……except it went on for a very long time.

After ten or twenty seconds I did my usual sarcastic “yeah, yeah, your horn works, how nice” and then it finally stopped…

…and then went on again a few seconds later.

It almost instantly stopped again…then went on again…then stopped a third time and finally the pattern of the whole thing made me realize “hey, this is a car alarm” and the owner was desperately trying to turn off his overly sensitive device.

You know, car alarms are pointless enough – 99% of people hearing them don’t care if the car’s being stolen, or broken into, or just bumped by a passing pedestrian. They just want it to shut off…now. Heck, one goes off at 3am and my only thought is “steal it faster!”

But then, to make a car alarm that – when it goes off – you don’t even recognize it as an alarm…well, that’s just pointless squared. Now you’re just annoying people who – even if they’d be inclined to report a car alarm – don’t even know that’s what it is!

Serious Designer Fail here


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