The Bush Era has ended…

…eight years too late.

No, really. It would have been far, far better for everyone if at his inauguration, instead of taking the oath, he had said “become President? No, I was only joking” and then left for Tahiti or something.

Heck, it would have even given him a better “legacy” than he has now.

Now we have President Obama. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high (though the hope of “I hope he’s better than Bush” is an easy one – a concrete block wall would be better than Bush…), but it’s just possible that he’s going to be one of those Presidents that future generations look back at as a “Great” President.You know, one of the ones students actually remember the name of rather than have to look up.

We’ll see. He’s starting off right – putting a hold on a bunch of last-minute Bush legislation – but we’ll see. I’m tentatively hopeful.


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