Another movie I don’t need to see…

Okay folks, more bad news for genre movies: Keanu Reeves has been signed up to play “Spike” in the live action version of Cowboy Bebop…Has no one in the industry noticed he can’t act yet? He has exactly one character – and that’s Ted Logan. Oh, he can change it slightly by making it a more mature Ted Logan, or by making it a geekier Ted Logan. But in essence, he needs a role that allows him in some way to say the equivalent of “whoa!” – then he’s fine. Anything else, eh.

So basically, he played the roll he was “born to play” in 1989…hit the height of his ability…never really developed any more as an actor…but for some reason, people keep giving him new parts.

Oh well, they probably would have screwed up Bebop even without him…


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