Happy New Year!

Just checking in to say “hi” and all that. New Year’s for me and Dee Dee mostly involves trying to avoid the Torment of Roses here in Pasadena. Tricky, since it pretty much surrounds us on three sides (with the fourth being mountains) and the floats end up parked less than a mile from our house.Meanwhile, parade-goers seem to think “trash can” and “Colorado Blvd” are synonyms. When the parade is over, they literally have to go down the street with bulldozers to pick up all the garbage. How people can stand to, well, stand there surrounded by all the trash they’ve tossed about them over the last twenty hours is beyond me. Even driving down the street it smelled…

Apart from that, my only connection with all the “festivities” was managing to catch a picture of the B-2 as it flew by.

Predictions for the new year:

1) The stock market will eventually hit as low as 7,000-7,500 before it starts crawling back up. And I mean crawling – if it’s above 8,000 again by the end of the year I’ll be surprised.

2) Gas is not going to hit a dollar a gallon. It’s pretty much as low as it’s going to get now. It might – briefly – hit a U.S. average of $1.40 a gallon, but only if the economy is doing a whole lot worse than it is now. Admittedly, this could happen…

3) The recession will not be over by the end of the year. The Feds will declare it over sometime in early 2010, but of course, for real people, it’ll be at least another three years before it’s over.

4) Psychic, astrological and other woo-woo predictions for the year will average less than random chance…and only do that well because they put in some obvious guesses like I did.


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