Bullshit is all organic…

It’s been pointed out before, but it’s pretty obvious that few who use the words “organic” or “natural” or “chemicals” or “environment” have a clue what the words actually mean.

Most recent example: While watching a food show on steaks, one of the chefs was describing their aging room for the beef and started talking about the wall blocks of pink Himalayan salt that they used in it…
…at which point he said that the salt was “all natural and organic…”

…The Stupid, It Burns…

Boys and girls, if you don’t know that salt is a rock – and about as far from “organic” as you can get – then please leave the room and go and get a real education. As a clue where to start, they’re  called “books.” Oh, and until you do, don’t bother to vote, you’ll only make the wrong choices.

Quite apart from the bizarre concept of salt as “organic,”  the “all natural” is a wonderfully pointless addition to the description. All salt is “all natural” (using the depressingly standard meaning of “natural” as “not man-made”). What, does he think somewhere there is a big factory where truckloads of sodium and chlorine come in, and “artificial” salt comes out the other end?


And don’t even get me started on “chemical free” or the wildly vast misuse of the word “organic” in other contexts – or even the meaninglessness that is “all natural” in any context. We’ll be here all week. And doing a quick Google on “pink Himalayan salt” itself will bring up more woo-woo info than your mind can handle (including the information that “regular” salt has “added preservatives” – ’cause you know, otherwise it’ll break down into sodium and chlorine or somethings…).

The level of stupid out there is pretty horrifying…


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