Stupid signs are everywhere…

I see many stupid things as I wander the world, here’s one of the stupidest from today:A drinking fountain at work had a bit of a problem (well, a huge problem, actually – all the stuff from the sink on the 3rd floor was coming out the fountain in the basement…). So they removed it (hopefully to fix it) and capped the pipes. So far, so good.Then they put a sign over the capped pipes…one that says “Out of Order.”No, really? And here I thought the total absence of a drinking fountain in that spot meant we had actually gotten one of those new, invisible ones…


In other news, I’ve just spent the last two days trying to set up all the new student computers here at work before I leave for winter break…since when I come back, we’ll already be in session (okay, it’s only the stupid Intersession, still…). Mind you, two weeks ago we didn’t even know we were getting new computers to replace the old Gateways, so it’s not like I could do any planning for the changeover or anything.

And it didn’t help that, while they said they’d be installed on Monday, they didn’t actually start until Wednesday.

Anywho, I’ve basically been doing nothing for the last twelve hours at work (over two days) but configuring computers – and that’s with most of the work done by downloading an image of everything they needed! This wouldn’t be so bad, but I also have a bunch of regular, end of the semester/year stuff to do as well. Still, it’s all basically done now. I just have to make sure all the plants are watered and I’m off for two weeks of holiday fun…

…or, at least, two weeks of not being at work.


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