A surprise afternoon off…

Well, I’m home early from work today. It wasn’t planned, but there it is…What happened is that around noon, the Library Directory was talking to someone who happened to mention that “the power was going to be turned off at one.” Mind you, no one had done anything like warn us about this ahead of time, so we were all quite surprised.

So, Loretta goes down to Administration to see what’s happening and we sorta sit around wondering if we should be shutting everything down, or just going on with work. Around 12:30 she returns with the information that, yes, the power’s going off at 1:30 and that we’ll all be going home for the day (nicely, still paid for the hours we weren’t going to be there).

So I run around, shutting off computers and monitors and printers and such.

Quarter of one, and someone in Administration actually sends out an email warning everyone the power will be turned off. You would have thought that was the first thing they would have done…but then, you obviously don’t have had experience working for Rio Hondo.

At 1:15 with everything off, we leave the building, crossing our fingers the elevator will reach bottom before hands reach the “off” switch…

…and now I’m home, doing fiddly things. Like this blog entry.


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