Only the third post and already I’m doing movie reviews?

bolt1Headed out this Friday morn to see Bolt – In Digital 3D.

It’s actually not that bad of a movie. We’re not at Pixar level, of course, but it’s fun and the cgi works without being annoying or overly glitzy or anything. Heck, even the 3D works pretty good (better, in fact, than the live action Journey to the Center of the Earth a few months back – which is odd, given that used actual three dimensional people rather than computer graphics…). Basically, the plot is “Homeward Bound meets The Truman Show,” but it’s well done without getting too smaltzy.

Oh, and their cgi Los Angeles actually looked like Los Angeles (I went, “hey, that’s the Pasadena Freeway” once).

Mind you, while 3D is a lot better than the old red & blue glasses days of the 50’s (or the, what was it, early 80’s?), you still need glasses and it still gives me eye strain after about an hour. When are we ever going to get some proper holograms! 😉

One reason, though, we finally went out to see it this Friday was that the first Cars short was showing in front of the movie – and also in 3D. Tokyo Matter is essentially a “tall tale” as told by Matter to his friends, where he goes to Tokyo and gets involved in a drift race.

In some ways, the race through the neon Cars-World Tokyo is very Speed Racer (the Movie) like, in others, very video game like, and always with an interjection of Pixar humor through-out (“Donut shop”, *snort* gods thats a bad pun…). Undoubtedly, after they’ve done a couple more of these (I’ve heard there’s a total of three planned), they’ll end up collected on DVD and I’d recommend buying them. But then, I recommend buying anything Pixar, so that’s hardly a surprise…


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